--Alexis Kandra--
Bio and Resume


For a catalogue of available work or to commission artwork, contact Alexis via e-mail at kandra.art@live.com

Lucas Lucas Gallery / Life on Spaceship Earth

Alexis Kandra has original paintings, smaller hand painted multiples, and prints available online with Lucas Lucas Gallery in Brooklyn NY. Click the logo below to be re-directed to their website:

Alexis Kandra at Lucas Lucas Gallery

Artsy / Deep Space Gallery

Alexis Kandra has original work available with Deep Space Gallery in Jersey City, NJ. They are also available online through Artsy. Click on the logo below to be e-directed to Artsy:

Antler Gallery, Portland OR

This painting was created for Antler Gallery's Unnatural Histories VI. It is still available at their location in Portland OR, or at the link by clicking on the thumbnail below:

The Redwood Tree and Its Friends / Book Illustration

Alexis Kandra illustrated the children's book, The Redwood Tree and Its Friends, for Emmemm Publishing. Written as a collaboration between parents and their child, the story follows a Redwood Tree as it grows from a seed.

Eira and her dad explore friendships between a growing redwood tree and other creatures which include the hungry banana slug, the brave bushy fern, the noisy oak tree among others. The redwood learns from its friends but outgrows them. Eira finds a way to bring the friendships back.

Click on the image below to be redirected to the publisher's website for more info and to purchase: